The Linksight platform

Our smart software allows your organization to securely and easily establish and maintain data collaborations with others.

  • Data scientists can perform privacy-by-design data analysis among themselves, using each other’s data, but without seeing each other’s sensitive data.
  • Our unique configurable collaboration rules ensure that your organization remains in full control of its own data, and that, for example, no unwanted analyses can be performed.

The advantages of the Linksight platform

Get new insights from data analytics that were previously impossible or unaffordable.

Combine datasets from different parties without sharing sensitive data.

Easily manage all your data collaborations with other parties.

Secure, auditable and AVG/GPDR compliant.

Get real-time insights by automating 'multi-party' analyses.

We make data collaborations simple

The Linksight platform makes it easy to set up and expand data collaborations. Within 3 clicks you already start a data collaboration with other parties from the Linksight network. The parties within a data collaboration can easily define and technically enforce their agreements themselves. For each data collaboration you can, for example, determine who is allowed to perform which calculations under which conditions. And you can always conclusively prove afterwards what has happened. This way, you keep control over your data collaborations and your own sensitive data.

Join the Linksight network

With each organization using Linksight, the number of options for collaboration grows. Join our network as well. We are also happy to help you get other parties relevant to you to join the network.

Cryptographic technology makes it possible

The Linksight platform uses a mix of advanced privacy-enhancing technologies, such as Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC), secret sharing, and Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). This cryptographic technology allows computations to be performed on fully encrypted - and therefore unreadable - data.

Learn more about MPC/FHE and how we use it in our platform here.

We would love to show it to you

How the Linksight platform works we would love to show you. Request a demo from us.

We will help you step-by-step on your way to getting value out of your data collaborations yourself.

Linksight in practice