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We provide a complete MPC platform that allows your organization to easily start new data collaborations. Within these collaborations, you can then do secure and privacy-friendly data analyses.

  • Get insights you would otherwise never get
  • Extract value from your own data without sharing
  • Automate queries on data from multiple parties
  • Prevent non-compliance and data breaches

Read (almost) everything about our platform.

Is the case clear and do you have good quality data? Is your data collaboration already formalized? In addition to the software, we provide you with the input for a DPIA. We also help you set up your own data station. You can then work with your partners yourself with MPC calculations on real data.

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This is how to take your first steps

MPC is a technology that provides new opportunities for data sharing across organizations. We help you introduce MPC step-by-step into your organization, so you get all your stakeholders on board. Accelerate your innovation process with us.


Learn about MPC and explore your own use case

Discover in 1 daypart what MPC can solve for your organization

What can MPC solve for your organization? In the areas of business, compliance and IT?

Do you want to bring the right people within your organization into the state-of-the-art of MPC and other Privacy Enhancing Technologies?

During this interactive session, you and your colleagues will fathom MPC and privacy-enhancing technologies and determine the value to your organization.

  • You will gain a broad understanding of privacy-enhancing technologies, and go in depth with MPC
  • We will explain how MPC relates to the AVG/GDPR and the risk of data breaches.
  • You will explore your own MPC use case from a technical, compliance and business perspective
  • You get to play with an MPC demo

Time: 1 daypart

Price: € 2.000

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Proof of Concept

Experiment with MPC in a safe environment

Perform your own MPC calculations with your data partner within 2 weeks

Do you want to experiment with a real MPC use case in a safe environment? Do you want a tangible result quickly with which you can convince other stakeholders?

Linksight is happy to realize a working proof-of-concept together with your organization and data partners.

Is the case clear and do you have good test data? Then within 2 weeks your people can experience how to perform MPC calculations with your data partner.

The benefits of a Proof of Concept:

  • Upon success, quickly scale up to production
  • Hands-on learning experiences for data science, business, IT and legal
  • No risks through the use of test data
  • No installation of software, but real mutual calculations

Time: 2 weeks

Price: from € 10.000

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