November 2022

Many European countries are highly critical of Europe’s dependence on key digital technologies such as cloud computing. There is no European cloud, forcing citizens and businesses to house data with mostly American companies. Gaia-X is intended to provide a European alternative. It is not a cloud, but a data infrastructure where the word “trust” is central.

The Dutch branch of Gaia-X wanted to zoom in on the Dutch ecosystem for its annual community event. The realization there is that you build data ecosystems together. That having a common, internationally aligned base is essential in order to exchange data outside your own silo. And that it is better to build on the results of others than to keep rediscovering the wheel with white paper and fresh pencils.

Pieter was one of the speakers in the second part of the panel discussion, which focused on data sharing, along with Barend Mons (LUMC professor and chairman GO FAIR) and Douwe Lycklama (founding partner Innopay).

Watch the panel discussion back here: